Karate Belt Ranks

Karate Belt Ranks

Belt Colors / Kyu Ranks: The following table shows the different belt colors used for ranking designation in the Shotokan karate:
9 kyu — White
8 kyu — Yellow
7 kyu — Orange
6 kyu — Green
5 kyu — Blue
4 kyu — Purple
3 kyu — Brown
2 kyu — Brown
1 kyu — Brown
Shodan — Black
Rank is recognition of the student’s karate skill level, indicating his/her progress of both the physical and the mental aspects of Karate. Rank examinations are conducted three times a year, normally in the fall, spring and summer. All exams are given by a JKA certified examiner according to the requirements determined by the Japan Karate Association. All belt rankings are nationally as well as internationally recognized.

Dan gradings

The training period required to take examinations for SHODAN up to 5 th DAN are as follows:

SHODAN: minimum of 1year of training

One must have passed the 1 st KYU and is 16 years old or older. However, one cannot take SHODAN examination on the same day as the 1 st kyu.

2 DAN: 1 year or more after obtaining SHODAN 3 DAN: 2 years or more after obtaining 2 DAN 4 DAN: 3 years or more after obtaining 3 DAN 5 DAN: 4 years or more after obtaining 4 DAN

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